Part 3: Deliverability of your channels

Emails opens are low ← fix SPAM

If you’re doing well in (1) and (2), but you have a super low number of email opens (hint: you should DEFINITELY be measuring email opens and link clicks), there is a really good chance you’re going into SPAM. This is why you should measure email opens — if you see that number close to 0%, you know it’s got to be in SPAM.

How to solve this issue:

  • run email address verification before sending those emails. there is always a percentage of users who will mistype their friends emails. gmail will punish you for undeliverable emails as it thinks it’s happening because you’re buying old emails lists from someone. there are API’s that will handle this for you on the fly. if the result returns “undeliverable” to you, ask your user to retype that email
  • unsubscribe link is a MUST
  • use less images and html, more plain text, and keep it simple

If your open rates are OKAY but not great, one more thing:

  • subject line — include the sender’s name there

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