Part 4: Conversion rates of your referral offers

If you’re doing well in (1) (2) and (3), but no one is clicking your link/visiting your website using the referral links => work on your messaging and your offer

First, always mention who invited them and why. Experiment with a colorful promotional email vs. a personalized text only note. Bonus if you attach the referrer’s profile picture.

Second, be more explicit about the offer that’s being extended. If your service is relatively unknown, stating value in dollars is a great idea. But if you’re in e-commerce and the expected order is below $100, then aim for a percent discount.

Third, don’t forget to follow up! This is unfortunately only possible via email. On your referral page, include a little note saying we’ll follow up with your friend in 3 days. Then, send them a follow up reminder.
Fourth, experiment with the landing url/deep-link that your customers send to their friends. But this conversion step here is not that different for referred users compared to regular leads, thus I don’t feel like it’s within the scope of the referral program to optimize your lead to customer conversion rate.


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