Part 1: Promoting your referral program

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Top of the funnel we have visibility of your referral programs, i.e. out of all of your active users, how many have seen your referral program. This is measured by the percentage of your users that generates unique views of your referral program page.

This differs widely amongst startups — the more frequently your users engage with your platform’s website/app, the higher this should be. If your users are engaged with your platform on at least a weekly basis, you should aim for 100% of your active users.

Here is where you should place your referral program to improve this number:

  • Admin dashboard/personal cabinet
  • Credit replenishment/billing section
  • Checkout order confirmation
  • Right after sign up, offer them a premium feature

It also works if you place your referral program in multiple places. Avoid — placing it on a separate page, with just a “refer a friend” item on your navigation menu bar and hoping people will see and click it.

If you don’t want to place the whole referral screen on your main admin dashboard, you can at least place a big bold banner that leads traffic to it.

Other ways to promote:

  • newsletter outreach
  • support chat/onboarding process — closing out your intercom with “btw are you aware we have a referral program? would you be down to check it out?” especially if the ticket had successful outcome
  • organize events around it: time bound your referral campaign to one month while launching, offer an outsized reward for the top referral spot. Afterwards say “hey, we received so much interest from the community that we decided to open up our referral program permanently”

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