What if the ‘Start Verification’ button is greyed? What would you do if start verification button greyed out on your Facebook Business Manager? It’s a very common issue that a lot of businesses are facing before applying for Facebook Business Verification. To apply for WhatsApp Business API, it is must to have your Facebook Business AccountContinue reading

What documents are required for Facebook Business Verification? You’ll need to provide one of the following documents to verify your business: OrganizationsIf you’re a registered business or organization, please provide one of the following:  Government-issued company or corporate registration.  Company tax revenue document (for example, a corporate tax return or tax-exempt certificate).  Official articles of incorporation orContinue reading

What are the steps to get Facebook Business Verification? Pre-requisites: You must have valid business documents for business verification. To find the list of applicable documents, please visit this link: What documents are required for Facebook Business Verification? Go to Security Center, and click Start Verification in the Business Verification section. Note: The Start Verification button will be greyedContinue reading

Get approved for WhatsApp Business APIsin under a week without setup fee Here’s what you need to get started1. Verified Facebook Business Manager ID(a) Don’t have a Facebook Business Manager?  Create Now(b) Facebook Business Manager not verified?  Verify Now 2. Mobile Number(a) Mobile number must not have an active WhatsApp account.(b) Want to delete the WhatsApp account withContinue reading

Project Management Approach to Launching a Good Referral Program Over the last 12 months I’ve launched 30+ referral programs, mostly for Y Combinator backed startups. What I learned is that 9/10 founders are launching their referral programs for the first time and unfortunately don’t have a great framework to work with The internet is litteredContinue reading

Part 1: Promoting your referral program Low View Count← Improve Visibility Top of the funnel we have visibility of your referral programs, i.e. out of all of your active users, how many have seen your referral program. This is measured by the percentage of your users that generates unique views of your referral program page.Continue reading

Part 2: Increasing participation of your referral program if you’re getting lots of visibility on your program, but not a lot of participation, here is what you can do: Adding urgency to share (tricky to accomplish, amazing results) Improve your messaging (easy to do, decent results) Make it easier to generate a share (easy toContinue reading