Case study

Saletastic uses WhatsApp to convert your site’s visitors into your loyal customers and brand advocates

  • Site to WA cart abandonment promotions
  • Upsell on more products through the chatbot
  • Superior customer service experience
  • Delivery and order status notifications
  • Social media sharing program
  • Referral program
  • Ask for 5-star reviews
  • Automatically convert loyalty points into store discounts
  • Outbound SMS promo campaign to store’s Whatsapp contacts

CEO of Plantas a Domiscilio

Location Mexico
Revenue $180,000/mo
Product Plants & Home
Platform Shopify


Rafael has a Shopify store in Mexico, where 90% of the population relies on WhatsApp.  He saw an opportunity in leveraging WhatsApp to helping him convert his site’s visitors into customers, providing them with superior customer service, and then leveraging WhatsApp for organic growth.

Reason for choosing Saletastic

“A visitor can start shopping on my site, finish the purchase on WhatsApp, and then share that on social media to all his friends, thanks to Saletastic”


on-site widgets get your site visitors to initiate a conversation with you on WhatsApp

Site visitors message your Saletastic number and continue shopping in WhatsApp

Run shopping cart abandonment promos, upsell on more products

Superior customer service via:

  • Delivery notifications
  • Order status inquiries
  • Shared team inbox
  • Your team can join the chat

Use WhatsApp to drive organic growth, turn customers into brand advocates

Compile contacts & run an outbound SMS marketing campaign!